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resource library

We have an extensive library of books on many relevant subjects to help people grow and encounter God. Many DVDs (Teaching and Movies) and Music CDs are also available.

The library is located on the ground floor of the STAR Cinema complex and is available to browse and borrow free of charge following weekend services and mid-week groups.


Copies of the Sunday sermon are available after the service, or by contacting Robert Milne on 0457 427 602

evangelism DVDs

Available for loan or purchase (small cost)

A Glimpse of Eternity

A Glimpse of EternityThe story of Ian McCormack who was stung by Box Jelly Fish and died on transit to the hospital.  He had a Life-after-death experience in which God revealed to him Hell and Heaven and gave him the chance to change his eternity and give testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Includes Ian’s testimony and a re-enactment video.


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Pastor Shane and Glenda Whitbourn